Harry Enten, Senior Data Reporter for CNN, analyzes a slew of polling data that shows Biden is shedding supporters bigtime. For Independents, it’s a stark and clear case of buyers’ remorse. First CNN takes the obligatory shot at Trump, but then comes the terrible data for Biden (emphasis is mine).

Additionally, the 2020 results with independents may have been more a reflection of displeasure with then-President Donald Trump than admiration for Biden. A dig into the exit polls reveals that even though Biden beat Trump among independents by 13 points, his own net favorability rating (favorable – unfavorable) was just +6 points with them. Trump’s, meanwhile, was -18 points.
Biden’s net approval is now basically where Trump’s popularity was with independents on Election Day 2020. 
With Trump out of the picture, Biden’s now standing on his own record — one that a lot of independents seem less than impressed with. 
According to an NBC News poll finished in the back half of August, just 32% of independents (including those who say they lean towards the Democratic or Republican party) and 38% of pure independents (those who don’t lean) say Biden has accomplished a great or fair deal in office. The vast majority (64% among all independents and 59% among those who don’t lean towards a party) say he’s done only some to very little in office.
You’ll recall that the August Civitas Poll of likely 2022 North Carolina voters shows serious political concerns for President Biden as well. His approval rating is abysmal – just 42% – in the battleground state of North Carolina. (emphasis is mine)
The August Civitas Poll reveals that a majority of likely North Carolina voters disapprove of President Joe Biden’s performance in office. Disapproval sits at 53%, up five points from June. Seven months into his term, Mr. Biden’s approval rating is just 42%, with just one in four of those polled saying they strongly approve of his work. Twice as many North Carolinians strongly disapprove – 48%.

Elections have consequences – and so do terrible policy choices. Mr. Biden, who ran as a centrist, is reaping the rewards of a Leftist agenda that many Americans simply reject. What could it mean for the 2022 midterm elections? Right now, here are three key data points courtesy of Real Clear Politics: