The News & Observer cited this week John Hood’s concerns about legislation that would change state rules regarding terminal groins along the North Carolina coast. That bill is just one of the items lawmakers are tackling as their legislative session stretches deeper into July. The Duplin Times published Rick Henderson’s Carolina Journal editorial urging the legislature to adopt session limits. promoted Katherine Restrepo’s latest co-authored report explaining why North Carolina’s Medicaid reform plan should fare better than a recent problem-plagued Medicaid managed-care transition in Kentucky. also highlighted John Locke Foundation Director of Regulatory Studies Jon Sanders‘ research newsletter debunking myths about economic stimulus effects associated with unemployment benefits. Director of Research and Education Studies Terry Stoops attracted attention from for his newsletter on North Carolina school voucher legislation.

The Triangle Business Journal published CJ Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s recent article on the proposed reorganization of the N.C. Commerce Department. The Kernersville News picked up three recent CJ columns: Andy Taylor‘s piece urging Republican legislative leaders to use their new power cautiously, Stoops’ observations about the importance of ensuring parental accountability in public education, and Director of Fiscal Policy Studies Sarah Curry‘s column on extended state budget negotiations. publicized Executive Editor Don Carrington‘s report on a woman’s efforts to stop illegal tax refund checks. N.C. Senate Republicans promoted Carrington’s story in their daily press emails, along with Hood’s columns on the potential impact of tax reform for North Carolina’s business climate, and the link between partisan gerrymandering and “illegitimate” government. The Senate GOP also noted Smith’s article on a press conference detailing Gov. Pat McCrory’s six-month progress report, Associate Editor Dan Way‘s article on unemployment benefits and economic stimulus, Way’s story on reaction to a redistricting ruling in state court, Way’s report refuting false mainstream media stories about the state’s unemployment debt obligation, Becki Gray’s column on the General Assembly’s ongoing work to roll back bad state laws, and JLF Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar Roy Cordato‘s column on the strategic misuse of language in the global warming debate.