There have been a lot of enduring debates over the decades: Ginger vs. Mary Anne, Tastes Great vs. Less Filling, Global Warming Alarmism vs. Global Warming Denial. Generally, people have their minds pretty well made up and are loathe to switch sides.

But Jesse Saffron did just that with one of higher education’s enduring debates: whether or not academia is about to undergo some sort of “existential crisis” due to the collapse of a building “bubble” akin to the housing bubble collapse that occurred in 2007-8. Formerly an ardent “hawk,” he took a close look at what is really going on, and found that schools aren’t closing, enrollments are not precipitously dropping, and MOOCs are not driving brick-and mortar schools into obsolescence.

After weighing the evidence, he is now firmly on the “denier” side. Read his thoughtful argument on the Pope Center site.