Howie Carr of the Boston Herald highlights another example of Hillary Clinton’s disconnect from the government she once wanted to lead.

Here is yet another indication of just how delusional Hillary Clinton is:

This week, at a book signing in Washington, she implored federal workers not to protest Donald Trump by quitting their jobs.

Quit their jobs? Hillary, we know you’re out of touch, but really — do you realize that you couldn’t pry these tax-fattened hyenas out of their hack sinecures with the Jaws of Life?

“Stick it out!” she exhorted in an appearance at the Warner Theatre. “Stick it out!”

“Stick it out,” she repeated, “because the tide has to turn.”

Hey Hillary, the tide may have gone out for you, but not for the federal payroll patriots. They’re still living high on the hog, making double or triple what they could be making anywhere else, “telecommuting” (which in their cases means not going to work), getting at least one three-day weekend a month, grabbing full platinum-plated medical coverage even after retire­ment, etc., etc.

And Hillary thinks they’re going to lift their snouts from the public trough and get a job … where? At the mall? At Starbucks?