Joseph Wulfsohn writes for the Federalist that former FBI Director James Comey shares key traits with former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Comey became a polarizing figure specifically because of his handling of the Clinton investigation. Republicans were outraged when he let her off the hook during that infamous July press conference, and Democrats were outraged when he reopened the investigation. By his own admission, Comey politicized his role as FBI director. Despite the controversy that went into his firing, it was certainly deserved.

But with the release of his new book, Comey is showing that he has a lot in common with the woman his agency investigated for more than a year. “A Higher Loyalty” is meant for him to set the record straight about what happened during his tenure heading the FBI. Hillary Clinton’s book “What Happened” was also meant to set the record straight as to why Trump won the election instead of her. Both books ended up being self-righteous, anti-Trump revenge porn.

As Comey determined back in 2016, Clinton was “extremely careless” with her handling of classified information—but so was he. While she had classified and top secret emails on an unsecure server, Comey leaked memos about his conversations with President Trump to the press in retaliation for his firing, which ultimately led to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.