Adweek reports today on how Kellogg’s is responding to consumer research that shows how the market for cereals is changing. And starting Sept. 17, we’ll be seeing the new campaign in TV ads.

Running under the tagline “Goodness of a Simple Grain,” the marketing effort aims to bring back to the forefront core products like Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies and Raisin Bran—pitching consumers, in farm-to-table fashion, on the small number of ingredients in its heritage breakfast fare (Corn Flakes, for example, has only four).

“From the seed to the spoon,” coos a motherly voiceover in one of the television spots.

Kellogg’s pursued the strategy based on research showing shoppers are looking for “simplicity in terms of the number of ingredients and simplicity in terms of how foods are made,” said Doug VanDeVelde, the company’s svp of morning foods, marketing and innovation.