We all know broad-brush, remote-control government is bad for the economy, bad for the soul, just plain bad. If you need more evidence, the consent agenda for the Buncombe County commissioners requests additional staff to robot (I can’t say “man.”) the Nazi-sounding City-County Bureau of Identification. The reason is described as “increased data needs due to implementation of NCAware.” If I read the staff report correctly, the following translates to, “The state is making us more bureaucratic and inefficient, pulling resources away from activities like ensuring domestic tranquility.”

Buncombe County was the last of 100 Counties to participate in NCAware as we knew it would heavily impact our local Criminal Justice Community.
The State required all Counties to participate in NCAware without regard as to how its implementation may affect local resources in regard to information gathering and data sharing.
Meeting the State’s requirement of participation in NCAware significantly changed local process and procedure. This has resulted in the need to add staff to meet daily public safety needs.