We don?t expect our car insurance to cover an oil change. Why do we expect health insurance to cover the most routine of health-care costs?

Delphi Financial Group CEO Robert Rosenkranz addresses that question in the latest Newsweek:

During a recent appointment to ease a little back pain, my masseuse started criticizing the health-insurance companies. “Isn’t it terrible that insurance doesn’t cover massage?” she asked. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard this?and, as usual, I was exasperated. Why would she think that insurance should cover a massage? Insurance is supposed to be for that which you can’t budget. And every time massage, acupuncture, or chiropractic care is added to the list of covered treatments, premiums go up. People may think they’re getting a freebie, but we all pay.

We?re more likely to pay attention to costs under a system of consumer-driven health care, as Joe Coletti describes in the video clip below.