Telemedicine is a burgeoning industry that’s reshaping health care delivery, particularly in rural areas. After looking into telemedicine’s regulatory landscape, it looks like North Carolina’s telemedicine rules are less restrictive compared to other states. According to the state medical board and other resources:
  •  An initial patient-physician encounter can be established via telemedicine 
  • In-person follow up visits after a telemedicine encounter is not required.  
  • A patient does not need to be assisted by another health care provider when engaging in a telemedicine visit with a distant medical provider.  
  •  Physicians in North Carolina are allowed to prescribe medications for patients during a telemedicine visit.
  • There is no verbal or written consent required by the patient prior to, during, or after a telemedicine encounter with a physician.
  • Nurse practitioners and nurse midwives can also deliver patient care via telemedicine.

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