Liz Peek offers a progress report at addressing the most outrageous fears surrounding a Donald Trump presidency.

Supporters say President Trump accomplished a great deal in his first year of office: helping to pass a massive tax overhaul, putting Neil Gorsuch on the court, snuffing out President Obama’s regulatory excesses, signaling a more robust foreign policy and damping illegal immigration, for starters.

It is also important to note what Trump didn’t do: he didn’t start World War III, he didn’t deport 11 million people in the country illegally, he didn’t eliminate guarantees of equal status for women, he did not toss the Iran nuclear deal, he did not fire Special Counsel Mueller or Attorney General Sessions, he didn’t cause the stock market to crash or upend our monetary policy, he failed to greenlight Putin’s mischief-making in Eastern Europe, he hasn’t reinstated the use of torture, and also hasn’t ignited a trade war. And, he didn’t plunge the country into recession.

Trump’s hysteria-prone critics, who repeatedly warned he was about to do all or any of the above, are no doubt gravely disappointed. But also unrepentant. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi continue to sound grave warnings, hinting that Trump’s dangerous policies are leading the ship of state aground. The GOP tax policy is Armageddon, said Pelosi, and Schumer said it would “skewer” the middle class. Other Democrats have insisted that axing ObamaCare’s individual mandate “kicks 13 million people off” health care insurance.

The mainstream media has played nicely with Democrats all year, repeating their preposterous claims. And yet, Americans have greater confidence in their circumstances than at any time in the past 17 years.