Editors at Issues and Insights ponder a pending congressional investigation into issues surrounding COVID vaccines.

One of the key functions of Congress is to oversee how our government’s many branches do their jobs. It’s a central part of holding those in power accountable. That’s why it’s good news that the new Republican House has decided to investigate the COVID-19 vaccines, which turned out to be deadlier, and far less effective, than promised.

This is not one of the “gotcha” committees, such as the ones run by the Democrats during the last session of Congress that amounted to little more than political sideshows with no real serious intent of reform or improving government.

Instead, as reported by The Epoch Times, the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic will investigate possible side effects of the vaccines, how and why they were approved by government regulators, and why they were forced on the public. The previous Democratic Congress was too busy investigating President Donald Trump and spending trillions on “stimulus” to do the job.

Iowa Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Weeks said the investigation’s goal is to prepare for future similar pandemics, “and that includes perfecting our vaccine development. In order to do so, we must have complete transparency in vaccine research, clinical trials and adverse reactions, and manufacturing.”

She added, “I expect our oversight hearings will shed light on the FDA approval process, the potential for side effects, and ultimately the success rate and safety of the vaccine — each of which will help us to navigate future global health emergencies.”

To which we say, it’s about time.As others, we’ve been shocked by recent revelations from peer-reviewed studies that show the mRNA vaccines were less effective and possibly even harmful for large groups of people, while the almost-fetishized forced-wearing of masks had basically zero effect on the spread of the disease.