You had to wonder when this was going down. The political action committee America First Action runs an ad* (see below) going after Democrat Kathy Manning –who is challenging incumbent Rep. Ted Budd for the 13th Congressional District seat—over the $30 million taxpayer funded downtown Greensboro parking deck that will service a Westin Hotel and the Elm Street Center meeting space owned by Randall Kaplan, who is Manning’s husband. Kaplan is also an investor in the Westin.

Manning fires back, not only refuting the ad but claiming America First Action was forced to pull the ad from local stations WXII and WGHP. All I know is I saw an ad going after Manning over the hotel deal just last night–but I believe it was on a cable network.

*I couldn’t help but notice the America First Action ad cites local ultra-liberal alt-weekly Triad City Beat. I’m sure those guys would not be happy to see their publication associated with a pro-Ted Budd political ad.