History will record that the time the U.S. Congress seriously considered the carbon tax bill, not even having read the thing, marked the time our unique form of government ended its long slide toward destruction.

While Congress rushes to pass this very expensive and destructive law it ignores one that, one would think, would be non-controversial: a bill to require all laws passed by Congress to point out the part of the Constitution that gives them the power to do so.

Remember this the next time your member of Congress deigns to come back to the actual district he represents instead of flying on junkets all over the world at taxpayers’ expense, and ask him or her if they read the bills they vote on and, if not, why not. And ask them if they care if the bills they vote on are constitutional or not, and if not, why not. Their answers should tell you how to vote next time around.

MORE: Wesley Pruden on the carbon tax bill:

You can’t blame the Democrats for hurrying to enact their hot-air legislation. The public is finally paying attention, recognizing the global warming crisis for what it is, a giant scam that will cost every American plenty. The globe isn’t warming – it’s actually cooling, in fact – and there’s no crisis.