Crack went my Dodger-loving heart. When Dodgers manager Dave Roberts made it clear he’s all in on the new ‘woke’ Major League Baseball cultural embrace of the Left, he rendered me speechless. I’ve considered him a reasoned and calm influence on his team, and a manager fans could respect and appreciate even when disagreeing with his game choices. Then this:

“I support it,” Roberts said. “I’m not completely versed on everything, but … my takeaway from the bill was essentially [that its effect is] to suppress voting for … people of color, and with that, that’s something that I fundamentally and intrinsically disagree with. So for the Commissioner to kind of do his due diligence in baseball, outside of baseball, players, front office, and ultimately make a decision to remove the All-Star Game and the Draft out of the state of Georgia, I support.”

Now for the consequences, according to Morning Consult.

MLB is the latest sports property to fall out of favor with Republicans following its decision to pull its upcoming All-Star Game and draft out of Atlanta in response to Georgia’s new voting law that changes how elections are administered. As a result, Republicans now have a less favorable view than Democrats of all four major U.S. sports leagues. 

Axios took the Morning Consult data and created this chart. I’m sorry to say that politics is now a big factor in professional sports.

Why are Democrats so much more friendly to the idea of mixing politics with sports? It is mystifying.

Now MLB has a real problem on its hands. It’s bad enough for a professional sports league to lose fans — and the money we fork over for tickets and merchandise. But now comes another huge potential consequence for the ‘woke’ MLB: loss of the anti-trust exemption the league has enjoyed.

There are very few things left that aren’t saturated with politics and vitriol. Now my beloved baseball has been sacrificed to the ‘woke’ crowd, too. It’s a loss for us all.