Elle Reynolds of the Federalist considers ways Democrats can turn the electoral tide in their favor.

All reports indicate that Republicans are going to clean house at the ballot box this November, in an indictment of the Biden administration and Democrat-led Congress’s failures over the past two years. But all hope is not lost for the incumbent party. Here’s a helpful crash course in all the things Democrats should definitely be doing between now and November to reclaim their legitimacy as a party and win voters’ hearts.

1. Put Grooming Kids at the Center of Your Platform

Parents just love knowing that their kindergarteners will be taught to question and explore a smorgasbord of sexual identities, and to categorize their toddling classmates as either colonizers or victims based on the color of their skin. …

… 2. Keep Raising Gas Prices

People love paying more money for gasoline, as evidenced by the proud Biden stickers they keep slapping onto gas pumps to show their appreciation. They love it almost as much as being shamed for driving their gas-guzzlers to work, church, school, and social gatherings. Having politicians whose fancy limousines are financed on the taxpayer’s dime urge you to drop $56,437 on a Tesla makes the process even more enjoyable.

3. Tell Parents They Don’t Matter

Parents love being told that they should stay out of their own kids’ education almost as much as they like knowing their kids are being turned into little sex-confused racists with Z pronouns and deformed genitals. …

… 4. Keep Telling Everyone They’re Racists and/or Victims

People with light skin (especially poor, working-class ones or recent immigrants) love being told they’re racist colonizers at fault for everything wrong with America. Americans with darker skin love being told they’re victims who will never be able to succeed thanks to a racist system that holds them back.