Terresa Monroe-Hamilton writes for BizPac Review about an interesting secession movement.

Conservatives in Oregon are gathering forces to vote on secession from the state in a concerted effort to join Idaho, which shares their values and political beliefs including those on Critical Race Theory, supporting the police, and bail laws.

The Greater Idaho movement is pressuring state legislators as well as those in Idaho to redraw Oregon’s border so that the eastern two-thirds of the Beaver State becomes part of the Gem State, known for potatoes, gorgeous mountains, lakes, lower taxation, and conservatism.

Nine eastern Oregon counties have already backed secession. Two others are getting ready to vote in November on whether they want their representatives to work on redrawing the border.

State legislatures from both states would have to sign off on the plan before it proceeds to the United States Congress.

Spokesman Matt McCaw claims it makes sense to do so because Idaho’s politics more closely align with those residents’ conservative views.

“It makes more sense for Eastern Oregonians to get state-level governance coming from Idaho, where they share their values, share their culture, share their politics than it does to be governed by Western Oregon,” he told FOX News Digital on Thursday in an interview.

McCaw explained that liberals in western cities such as Portland, Eugene, and Bend have forced their woke policies on the conservative majority of the state. Much of the state actually voted for former President Trump in the last presidential election. Oregon wound up going for Biden because of liberal city strongholds in the state.

An election map indicates the problem Greater Idaho seeks to remedy is clear. By land size, Oregon appears to be conservative. Some counties voted nearly 80 percent for President Trump in the 2020 election. But the population centers of Portland, Eugene, and Bend have made it one of the most liberal states in the country.