Matthew Continetti heard all the mainstream media reports about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s successful run through the closing days of October. Continetti explains in the latest “Mediacracy” column for Commentary magazine why he remains unimpressed.

The media couldn’t get over the fact that the positive turn of events happened in a 10-day span. They were like children marveling at a sudden change in the weather. “The last 10 days of October have been the best of Clinton’s campaign,” said Andrea Mitchell. “It’s been a very good 10 days,” said Wolf Blitzer. “She’s had a great 10 days,” said Gloria Borger. “It has been a momentous 10 days for Hillary Clinton,” said Carol Costello. “What a difference 10 days make,” said another CNN anchor. “What a week—really, the last 10 days,” said Brooke Baldwin. Chuck Todd, the host of Meet the Press, used the “10 days” line six times in 24 hours. “We’ve had a good 10 days,” agreed Clinton aide Jennifer Palmieri.

But Cillizza and his friends were wrong. We didn’t learn or relearn anything about Clinton “over the past 10 days.” She was the same Hillary Clinton on October 31 that she had been on October 1. Clinton is a good debater, she has little competition for her party’s nomination, and she’s more popular than Congress. Well, give her a medal.

Here’s what else is true about her. She is still seen as unlikable and untrustworthy by the general electorate. She has a habit of making statements that are not, you know, true. And assuming she wins the Democratic nomination, which at this point only the FBI seems able to prevent, Clinton will be running for her party’s third term in the White House at a time when the public says the country is headed in the wrong direction.