Grounded in Freedom and the North Carolina Constitution

North Carolina’s road to freedom began long ago. John Locke, the 17th-century English philosopher, started the journey and influenced Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers. He argued that government should protect life, liberty, and property and be limited to allow people to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The John Locke Foundation has continued along the same path of ideas and influence. We advocate for free markets, limited government, and personal responsibility in North Carolina and, since 1990, have informed and influenced governors, legislators, and decision-makers.

In just the last several years, the John Locke Foundation’s ideas of government restraint, lower taxes, rainy-day savings, smart investments, and scaled-back regulations have paved the way to greater prosperity and a strong economy. Unemployment is half what it was in December 2010, and every county has an unemployment rate at least 30% lower. Over 500,000 net new jobs have been created. North Carolina is moving in the right direction. But the journey is not over.

Lawmakers are asking: Where do we go in 2018? Our answer is simple. Stay the course, continue the momentum, and stick with ideas that work. Time-tested conservative principles work—limit the size and scope of government, leave more resources for private investment, unleash free markets, and make fiscally responsible public investments.

The road to freedom is full of opportunity at every turn. On these pages, we offer a guide to a successful and prosperous journey in 2018.

Join us on the Road to Freedom.