Both the Raleigh News and Observer‘s “Under the Dome” blog and the N.C. Republican Party took note of Rick Henderson’s Carolina Journal article reminding readers of the dubious history surrounding the Manteo home that hosted the first fundraiser for Roy Cooper after the Democratic attorney general announced his plans to run for governor.

The Charlotte Observer interviewed John Locke Foundation Director of Education Outreach Lindalyn Kakadelis about Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s Project LIFT schools. Chapel Hill’s Daily Tar Heel interviewed Kakadelis about teacher turnover in N.C. public schools. The DTH interviewed Mitch Kokai about rural N.C. population growth. The N.C. Spin website cited Kokai’s “Locker Room” blog entry on the N.C. Court of Appeals ruling against Asheville in its legal fight with the General Assembly over control of the city’s water system.

The N.C. Spin website, WWNC Radio host Pete Kaliner, and state Rep. Dean Arp’s website all promoted Terry Stoops’ column explaining that North Carolina imports more public school teachers than it loses to other states each year.

The N.C. Spin website and N.C. Senate Republicans’ daily press email cited John Loke Foundation Director of Fiscal Policy Studies Sarah Curry‘s “Locker Room” blog entry charting details of North Carolina’s spending categories. The Senate GOP also highlighted Curry’s new report on large N.C. cities’ use of targeted economic incentives.

The Kernersville News published Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar Roy Cordato‘s column on Pope Francis, capitalism, and religious liberty. picked up CJ Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s article on legislative efforts to address unfunded government retiree health benefits and Associate Editor Dan Way‘s story on a polling expert’s assessment of the national significance of the 2016 N.C. governor’s race. The Caldwell Journal and Senate GOP also promoted Way’s article.

Way was a featured speaker Oct. 6 at “Scientific Congress: Promoting Culture, Science, and Humanity” at the Autonomous University of Chiriqui in Panama. His speech focused on the media’s role in promoting and protecting liberty, free markets, and limited government.