The quote is from Gov. Roy Cooper’s Jan. 6 press briefing, announcing yet another extension of his tightened mask order along with extensions of his curfew and alcohol restrictions, among other things.

Cooper has never restored North Carolinians to full Phase 2, which for those of us “in the possession of a memory” was originally supposed to happen on May 20eight months ago to the day.

Meanwhile, the state has lost a net 222,300 jobs in a year.

The graph above (click here for a full-sized version) charts the seven-day rolling average of new cases announced per day by the state Department of Health and Human Services along with each time Cooper has announced his mask order, an extension of his mask order, or a tightening of his mask order.

Each time (nine so far) Cooper has announced an extension or tightening of his original mask order, the average daily case numbers have been higher than they were when he originally leveled the order.

Cooper claims scientific backing for his face mask order, and even with the research he cites, it’s not there — certainly not to the level of forcing them unilaterally on people as opposed to informing them and urging them to consider wearing masks (unless you’re so completely lost in the Central Planning fallacy, you know people would voluntarily adopt practices they perceive would benefit them and their loved ones in a variety of different situations).

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