Earlier this month I went through Gov. Cooper’s press releases going back to May, showing him going back and forth between decrying corporate tax cuts and announcing giving millions of dollars to corporations.

I titled it “Watch the governor’s pendulum swing on corporate tax cuts and giveaways.”

I might as well update it with today’s announcement, dutifully reported by media as if they haven’t bought hook, line, sinker, and pole the governor’s phony framing of the issue as a “choice” between corporate giveaways or teacher pay. So what’s new? I mean, what’s most recent?

  • Nov. 8: complained about corporate tax cuts
  • Nov. 12 announced $1.7 million to Pamlico Yachtworks
  • Nov. 19: announced $3.4 million to Well Dot, Inc.

Confused? See this discussion of the four policy combinations on corporate taxation and welfare — and which combo Cooper chooses and why.