Cleaning out my notebook and found notes from Governor Cooper’s address to the NC Rural Assembly on November 16, 2018.  He outlined his priorities for 2019.

2018 wraps on a contentious note between the governor and the General Assembly, i.e. voter ID veto and overrides and a lawsuit already, Elections/Ethics bill veto on its way,  – you get the idea. The 2019-20 session is right around the corner and Republicans in the General Assembly will be without a veto proof supermajority. Will it be a year of stand-offs or will they find common ground?

The governor said his priorities are:

  1. Access to health care. He talked about “leveraging the budget to expand Medicaid” with a “true NC plan”. He mentioned “leveraging funds” several times and said there’d be “little cost to NC”
  2. Ramp up work force training
  3. Broadband access
  4. Infrastructure
  5. $2 billion school bond
  6. Hometown Strong
  7. Respect teachers

Republicans will have their own ideas that include rebuilding the rainy day fund, keeping government growth in check, further tax reforms, rolling back regulations, investments in the classroom, ensuring every student has the best educational opportunity, investments in infrastructure, access to affordable health care and pro-growth policies.

Surely they can find some common ground. Unfortunately it may be the escalating economic incentive game.  At least we know where they’re headed.