Kylee Zempel of the Federalist probes national media outlets’ efforts to promote a flailing president.

Gas prices are at record highs, grocery bills are through the roof, and supply-chain disruptions are still leaving business shelves bare, but even amid the instability, some things never change: Democrats’ media lapdogs are still spinning the facts to a dizzying degree.

As an apt illustration, The Washington Post shared this article about Biden’s economy, from self-serious columnist Jennifer Rubin, to Twitter on Monday with the following snippet: “If it weren’t for inflation, this president’s economic performance would be unmatched.”

You really can’t make this stuff up. America is in such dire straits under the leadership of barely coherent President Joe Biden that the only way left to defend him is to say, If it weren’t for everything being horrible, it would all be wonderful.

To help Biden’s media lapdogs out, here are a few more amazing things — or, you know, things that would be if the opposite were reality.

Gas has jumped 100 percent since 2020, with the national average above $4.00 per gallon. In some areas of the country, it’s a couple of dollars more, with fuel just outside Death Valley in California topping the charts at nearly $9.00 per gallon.

If the Washington Post needs help framing stories on gas prices, they’re welcome to use this headline: “If Biden’s $5 Gasoline Were Less Expensive, It Would Be Cheaper.”

Even as Rubin pumps recent employment numbers, plenty of stores across the country are still displaying “temporary hours” signs, waitresses are apologizing for slow service because “we’re just so short-staffed,” and “we’re hiring” signs are ubiquitous.

The pseudo boost in jobs isn’t coming from some sort of economic boom; it’s a painfully slow recovery from government lockdowns that hasn’t even reached where we were before the pandemic.