Those who read Jon Pritchett and Ed Tiryakian’s recent Wall Street Journal column will not be surprised by the latest commentary from Scott Greer at the Daily Caller.

The New York Times thinks corporations now serve as the moral voice of America.

In the wake of the violence surrounding a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va. this month, corporate leaders were quick to condemn racism, white nationalism and a host of other -isms that didn’t seem to be connected to their business.

The Times article noted that the strong reactions from America’s biggest companies to Charlottesville was not unprecedented in recent years. From gender-neutral bathrooms to President Trump’s travel ban, corporate America has taken a very progressive stance when these issues come before the public. …

… “Not every business decision is an economic one,” Starbucks chairman and outspoken liberal Howard Schultz said to NYT. “The reason people are speaking up is that we are fighting for what we love and believe in, and that is the idealism and the aspiration of America, the promise of America, the America that we all know and hold so true.”

The Times was very enthusiastic over this development in corporate culture, gushing over how these CEOs portrayed themselves as risk-takers for social justice. In NYT’s telling, these business giants didn’t care about their bottom line when it comes to standing up against racism and homophobia.