Andrew McCarthy of National Review Online points to clear errors in coverage of the disputes over counting election ballots.

The latest talking point in the election coverage, which I’ve seen or heard in several places, … is that the Supreme Court has validated the mail-in, depot-drop, and ballot-counting procedures that have been ginned up by state courts and election-board bureaucrats. This is wrong. The Supreme Court has not validated anything. It has abdicated.

This distinction needs to be made clearly. The narrative that the Supreme Court has already authorized voting that does not comply with state election laws is just part one in a two-step scheme to enable post-election cheating: First, infiltrate as many illegal ballots as possible into the state systems; second, keep chanting that “every vote counts” and demagogue anyone who says otherwise — i.e., anyone who insists that state statutory law be followed — as “suppressing” votes, no doubt motivated by racism.

The Orwellian narrative is already being written: To call for the Constitution to be enforced is to “steal” the election.

In Pennsylvania, … Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, brays about having beaten the Trump campaign in court. That is only true when it comes to the state courts. And unsurprisingly so: Pennsylvania’s judges are elected, with Democrats controlling the state’s highest court. That tribunal lawlessly rewrote the legislature’s election rules. …

… By contrast, the only thing Shapiro has won in the U.S. Supreme Court is time. That helps Democrats politically but shouldn’t matter legally. …

… [B]y “every vote counts,” the Left means each vote must be tallied regardless of whether the voter is lawfully qualified to vote, and regardless of whether the vote was cast within the properly enacted rules of the election. This is why Democrats fight tooth-and-nail against every proposal to require voter identification, to match signatures, to outlaw vote “harvesting,” etc.