With a CMS teachers group coming out against the proposal. From the UPoR:

Opposition is building against a ballot measure to double the number of years Mecklenburg County commissioners serve on the board.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Association of Educators wants voters to reject the proposal because “we believe we need a shorter time period to hold (commissioners) accountable for the promises they made on the campaign trail.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board member Rhonda Lennon on Facebook urged constituents to vote against the term extension.

“I think they need to be accountable to the taxpayers every two years,” Lennon said Tuesday.

Bonus thought: The Charlotte Observer also comes out against longer county commission terms:

Voters have twice before been asked to extend commissioners’ terms, in 1985 and 1992. Both times they defeated the idea by a wide margin. It boils down to which is more valuable: incumbents’ ability not to have to run so frequently, or voters’ ability to have a frequent say. We say keep your voice.