Most of us have read it, but it hasn’t been linked here yet. Yesterday the Wall Street Journal had a banner day with the expose of the Sentors’ (to clarify: Rockefeller and Snowe) strongarm tactics?in a letter expressed with saccharine politeness at the point of a palpable regulatory gun? toward Rex Tillerson and ExxonMobil.

Cheers to the WSJ for their commentary, their clearsightedness, and their refusal to buy the premise that a relatively tiny think tank like Competitive Enterprise Institute represents either a threat or a shameful denial of ‘the truth’ about the controversial topic of humans’ ability to control global warming?as though that is either possible, necessary to prevent calamity or even desirable.

Those like Snowe and Rockefeller, who absolutely want to control our economic choices (for our own good and the good of mankind–where have I heard this before?) will always revert to the whip of the state and the power judiciary if reason is not convincingly on their side in the scientific debate. Without economic freedom, there is no freedom–except for those in power, and that’s the point.

Easier, as Snowe and Rockefeller are proceeding to do, to intimidate and ban the debate (read: freedom for those whose opinions differ) entirely.