Image source: Screenshot of CNN article about the NCAA, in a decision announced sometime after 2 a.m. this morning, disqualifying North Carolina State University’s men’s baseball team from even playing the Bracket 1 finale against Vanderbilt University — when the winner would play in the championship series of the College World Series — after deciding that vaccinated players from NC State should be tested for Covid-19 and somehow not one but four of them tested positive.

The people who told you lockdowns and face masks were the only ways to fight Covid-19 now would have you think that vaccination is the only thing that counts toward community immunity and — oh! — the Delta variant stalks everyone. Shut up, stay afraid, and comply.

Meanwhile, strangely, here is what has happened since Gov. Roy Cooper surprised himself and the rest of us by lifting nearly all of his personal and business restrictions.

May 14 June 25 Change
New cases (7-day rolling average) 1,262.9 318.0 Down 75%
Hospitalizations (7-day rolling average) 950.3 450.9 Down 53%
Test percent positive (7-day rolling average) 4.1% 1.9% Down 54%

Cooper made sure to leave the door to reinstating tyranny open a crack by keeping (a) North Carolina under a ridiculous “state of emergency” for the express purpose of getting federal money and (b) schoolkids forced to breathe through pathogen-filled cloth all day.