You may remember the rock meeting the hard place when Mountain Housing Opportunities, an agency very competent in winning government grants to complete subsidized projects, took on the role of seeing to completion Eagle Market Place, a project sitting around for years and years. It is long past opening date. I thought on many occasions the sky crane was more symbolic than constructive. Now, we learn that the concrete is messed up, and tearing it out may cost $3 million. Those involved in the project express no concerns. They are looking to hold the responsible party accountable, and they say the show will go on. The project is the epitome of Smart Growth. It intends to create infill mixed-use development that includes subsidized housing and is pedestrian friendly. As an added bonus, the prime real estate sits in a blighted area with a rich African-American history.

I say cut the losses. The Liberty Bell is cracked, it isn’t used for the purpose intended, it just sits there, and it draws lots and lots of tourists.