Editors at Issues and Insights are preparing for a greater crackdown on conservative voices.

Not quite two weeks ago we noted that Big Tech was settling the family business with its suspensions, bans, and deletions of then-President Donald Trump and as many of his supporters as it could pull into its dragnet. It was only a start. The left wants to wipe the right from the political map as quickly and effectively as possible.

Playing the role this week of Michael Corleone, who in the first of “The Godfather” installments eliminated his families’ enemies, is the Democratic Party. Congressional Democrats are going forward, with the blessing of the new president, whose plea for unity is clearly a sham, with a domestic terrorism bill in both chambers of Congress.

The public is being told the legislation is needed to thwart “the potential threat of more terrorist attacks in Washington and around the country,” says Rep. Brad Schneider, an Illinois Democrat and co-sponsor of the House version. Among other co-sponsors is Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., who in July denied that Antifa, which was wrecking Portland at the time, even existed.

One lone Democrat stands out among this jihad, and, unfortunately, she’s no longer in Congress. Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii told Fox News on Friday that should the bill become law, it would undermine “our civil liberties, our freedoms in our Constitution,” while “targeting of almost half of the country.” That half being a collection of Trump supporters, conservatives, Christians, and anyone who refuses to go along with the Democrats’ legislative agenda, surrender to Black Lives Matter intimidation, and yield to the dominant narrative. …

… The hunted, she said, are likely to be white, male, “anyone who loves freedom, liberty, maybe has an American flag outside their house, or people who, you know, attended a Trump rally.”