Rachel Frommer of the Washington Free Beacon highlights a new report on the latest silliness within the academy.

Intersectionality has “infected” the coursework at the country’s top universities, and the results are religion classes on “queering God,” economics lessons on the racism of capitalism, and “bizarre” studies of vampires and zombies, according to a conservative student organization’s annual report examining college curriculum.

Combing through the course catalogues of more than 50 schools, the Young America’s Foundations (YAF) found that identity politics has produced courses “comical in their titles and descriptions,” but with a distinct and concerning “leftist slant.”

“Beyond the inane topics, these classes advance a liberal agenda, malign conservatives, and shut out ideological diversity,” wrote YAF.

YAF says queer, trans, and feminist readings of the Bible and God abound in the religion departments of Harvard, Swarthmore College, the University of Mississippi, and Carleton College. …

… At Williams College, a course titled “Racial Capitalism” “interrogates the ways in which capitalist economies have ‘always and everywhere’ relied upon forms of racist domination and exclusion,” and in Amherst College’s “unconventional history of capitalism” students are taught about “our present day reality of deeply rooted, and racialized, economic inequality.”

DePaul University considers capitalism in a course on zombies.