We all know bureaucracy is weird. We can blame that abstraction known as the economy. We all must keep up with workloads and more paperwork with reduced staffing with reduced hours. Whereas an office might have had three employees working forty hours, it now has two working thirty, and half their time must be spent on documentation rather than serving customers. Why, today my day started with phone calls (terminated twice because I couldn’t wait in the queue) to inquire into a partially-filled order, a call to inquire about a misfilled order, addressing an overring, and getting a repairman to fix the improperly installed water heater. It’s all good because mistakes are to job creation as broken windows are to astronomical economic multipliers.

I whine more than I digress.

If you would like to read a nice story about some of the excitement that can result from multiplying rules until nobody can agree about what they say, and enforcement is too busy to worry about what makes sense – cliquez ici.