Last night, I was a little ticked on my drive home. It is difficult to write articles when nobody is answering your requests for clarification. I got to thinking about the pattern. Every (invoking hyperbole out of anger) proposal before local government open to public comment is presented like this:

This will bring major prosperity and create numerous jobs. It has very positive energy. It is good for children. I’m so excited.

Like creatures mutated beneath the level of the thingies in the hamburger patch in McDonaldland, we’re supposed to cry, “Yippee!” in unison and be done with it. It’s hard to convince advertisers they could use a mention in a paper that doesn’t print more than this.

Addressing the crazy-making inanity, a friend of a friend directed me to a recent article by Mark Gullick for the English Review on doublespeak. It was credible enough for me to let my guard down for a few minutes. With sad pleasure, I provide its link.