Looks like there are more problems with the SBI’s crime lab.  The Asheville Citizens Times reports that there are backups in processing evidence that are slowing down the court system.  Funding cuts, not enough lab analysts, more testifying in court is leaving the crime lab and prosecutors and law enforcement officers in a bad way.  Many of the analysts are leaving the lab for the private market. Some local governments, where the demand is particularly high, are talking about setting up their own crime labs.  Rather than incur additional expense, duplicate government agencies and most likely keep making the same mistakes government so often does, why not privatize the state’s crime lab?

Lots of government services are already privatized but more need to be.  JLF has offered some good ideas.  Privatization Potential of State Government Services is in the queue for study at the NCGA.

To unclog the court system, ensure public safety and introduce competition (which we know drives down cost and increases quality) privatizing the SBI crime lab seem like a good idea for 2013.