You may recall Alaska Presley purchased the Ghost Town in the Sky amusement park with ambitions to start up a Holy Land theme park. The big attraction would be a humongous cross atop the hill. The absence of rules on the books defining allowable sizes and locations for crosses is giving leaders heartburn:

The state ridge law dating to 1983 limits the height of man-made things on protected mountaintops, but it’s not an absolute number. It’s relative — and varies depending on the particular ridge and the particular spot where someone wants to build.

It would require some mapping and surveying expertise to figure out, which the town was hoping the state would help with. The town has now learned that won’t happen.

There are other questions in play as well. The town is trying to figure out if an exemption for religious symbols would apply. Or, if the cross doubles as a cell tower, could it be allowed under cell tower exemptions to the ridge law?