Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon reports on U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’s latest foreign policy pronouncements.

Describing himself as a “non-interventionist hawk,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) delivered a wide-ranging foreign policy speech on Wednesday in which he advocated in favor of a U.S. policy toward Iran that includes the “military force” necessary to “destroy” the rogue nation’s contested nuclear program.

Cruz, in remarks before the American Enterprise Institute, warned against the “rush into the arms of isolationism,” and advocated for a foreign policy that closely resembles that specified by President Donald Trump, one that embraces American power but is not reckless in using it.

Touching on the Iranian threat, North Korean nuclear program, and strife across the Middle East, Cruz was clear in his declaration that if Iran ever crosses the nuclear threshold, America must be prepared with a crushing military response.

“If we ever discover the Ayatollah is on the verge of getting nuclear weapons, and I believe his ambitions will continue to be doing just that, we should be prepared to use crushing military force to make sure that doesn’t happen,” Cruz said.

“Military force to destroy their nuclear capacity,” he continued. “That should be our objective. Why? Because that is what our national interest is. To prevent an Ayatollah who chants ‘death to America’ and ‘death to Israel’ from ever having weapons capable of murdering in a flash of light millions of American souls.”

“Critically, if it ever comes to military conflict, our objective shouldn’t be to invade and try to turn Iran into a democratic utopia; instead, it should be to defend America and prevent a nuclear Iran,” Cruz said. “Clear, simple, focused with an unmistakable end point.”