Recall that back in September we said that the back-and-forth over Pat McCrory’s veto of a $4.5m. streetcar study was pure political theater, a non-issue manufactured to distract the public from the larger dysfunction of our transit plans while drawing illusory “distinctions” between the red-blue political duopoly. Yesterday came proof that we were not nearly cynical enough.

During a Charlotte city council transportation committee hearing on how to find $37m. to start building the streetcar line on Elizabeth Ave., City Manager Curt Walton announced that the city had some $4m. in “Smart Growth” funds which could be used toward that purpose. Pray tell where was this money back when the study was under debate? Don’t bother. I’m done playing this game.

Representative government is dead is this town. We are all working for Curt Walton and his staff now.