In “Virtual Deviance: Swinging and Swapping in an On-Line Network,” two Fayetteville State University professors surfed the net looking for swingers (to study).  Apparently, there is an Aristotle angle here.

From the abstract:

The purpose of the current research is to study the virtual presentation of self in on-line profiles, specifically within a deviant subculture. The study explores the social construction of deviant identities using the on-line community of “swingers.” Our research explored what self-presentation strategies are employed by participants in their profiles to develop credibility to attract others to their profiles and what major concerns, expectations, and values characterize the profiles of the on-line swinger community. Most on-line profiles focus on developing credibility. We used Aristotle’s notions of goodwill, practical intelligence, and virtue to categorize the specific means used in profiles to develop credibility.

The article appears in the journal Deviant Behavior (November 2013, Vol. 34 Issue 11, p875-894).

Austin Powers would approve of this study.  Yeah, baby!  Taxpayers on the other hand…