Alex Pappas of the Daily Caller takes note of Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Sean Haugh’s heated exchange last week with a critic on Facebook.

The Libertarian Party nominee for the U.S. Senate in North Carolina got into a heated Facebook argument this week with a voter, dismissing the woman as an “idiot” and an “ignorant moron.”

According to a screenshot of the conversation posted online by the voter, Libertarian nominee Sean Haugh was displeased when Janna Badalian of Raleigh, N.C. told him to drop out of the race. Badalian said Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan will win re-election if Haugh keeps “siphoning votes.”

At one point, Badalian suggested Haugh is a Democratic “plant.”

After getting into an argument over the point, the candidate fired back to Badalian: “Well, obviously our realities are quite detached. I prefer my reality over yours because logic, reason and evidence exist in mine. I pity ignorant morons such as yourself and wish you would stop voting.”

Haugh also said: “I have learned that there is no value in explaining to an idiot why they are being an idiot, because, y’know, they’re too stupid to understand anything.”

After Badalian said, “real classy, Sean Haugh,” the candidate replied: “Beats being a racist mass murderer who is spending our country and state into unsustainable debt. Your grandchildren will curse you.”