Eric Owens of the Daily Caller examines the recent history of rape hoaxes on college campuses.

In a now-infamous Nov. 19 story in Rolling Stone, disgraced journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdely asserted that at least five members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity gang-raped a freshman named Jackie at a frat house party, then left her in a bloodstained dress to exit via a conveniently vacant side staircase.

The Washington Post’s reporting now suggests that Jackie fabricated huge swathes of her gory rape tale, and that Erdely abrogated her duty to properly investigate it. …

… Whatever Erdely’s motive, her discredited piece begs the question: Is it remotely true that American college administrators and college students are indifferent to the allegations of rape victims? What about the exponential growth of rape activism on campus? What about the routine occurrence of “take back the night” vigils?

Could this perceived indifference actually be warranted skepticism? In fact, the number of completely fraudulent rape allegations made by women on American college campuses is far from trivial.

With very little effort at all, The Daily Caller has found eight twisted, totally false and especially astonishing rape hoaxes proffered over the years by female college students.

In each case, the cruel hoaxes were initially accepted as true. In some cases, real lives were ruined.

Note the eerie similarities among these fake rape cases with the tale spun at the University of Virginia by Jackie and by Erdely, her willing Rolling Stone accomplice.

Follow the “examines” link above to learn about these cases from the University of California-Santa Cruz, Rollins College, Princeton, Wyoming, Hofstra, Florida, Oberlin, and George Washington University.