John Locke Foundation director of regulatory studies, Jon Sanders, weighs in on Georgia’s film incentives and why North Carolina should not follow suit.

Time Magazine’s Aug. 6 special issue focuses on the American South. One of the articles is about Georgia’s film production incentives, entitled “How Georgia Became the Hollywood of the South.”

The Twitter account G.H. Davey asked me about it. “Having seen some of your criticism re film incentives in other states, what about GA, where it helped bring in an estimated 7 billion in 2016?”

It’s a fair question, especially because advocates for greater film incentives in North Carolina point to Georgia as the model state for incentives. Remember when North Carolina policymakers juiced up the state’s film production incentives after Georgia got “our” Miley Cyrus movie?

So where does that figure of $7 billion come from? From the Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment Office.

Do they have proof of so much additional economic activity? Well, that’s where it gets interesting.

Read the piece here.