John Hood writes for Carolina Journal’s Daily Journal:

Where is the best place to find good employment opportunities in the technology industry? According to a new study by the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), it’s not Silicon Valley. It’s North Carolina.

The CompTIA analysis compared metropolitan areas across the country on the basis of how many tech jobs are currently available, the expected growth rate in those jobs over the coming months and years, and the cost of living.

Where these factors intersect is the basic question the study explores, by identifying communities where prospective workers can find “excellent career opportunities and a rewarding lifestyle,” as the report puts it, “where your tech job dollar will take you far.”

Companies based in San Jose and San Francisco still play an outsized role in the technology industry, of course, but these are very expensive places to live. Comparatively speaking, North Carolina isn’t. At the same time, our state is home to many start-ups and high-growth companies that either work in computing or information technology directly or specialize in applying technology solutions to business opportunities in finance, agriculture, medicine, manufacturing, and other fields.

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