While the Rhino keeps a close eye Greensboro City Council member Danny Thompson’s questionable campaign financing, the N&R collects quotes* from fellow council members Zack Matheny, Jim Kee and Robbie Perkins regarding the truthfulness of Thompson’s political ads:

When you see these ads, it’s like Danny Thompson needs a Superman cape,” Matheny said. “He just takes credit for everything. And if you’ve been watching the council for the last two years, you know he didn’t get these things done.”

….”The only thing Thompson really took a lead on was concentrating on a perceived porn problem at the library,” Perkins said. “If no one calls him on the carpet, for saying he did these things, then he can get away with it.”

So here’s my question: Thompson is running for an at-large seat; Matheny is running in District 3 and Perkins is running for mayor. So what does it matter to them what Thompson’s campaign ads say? And how about the N&R do its own investigation of Thompason’s political ads?

*Link via Ed Cone.