Dan Daley of Sports Video Group has an informative article out about Daytona International Speedway’s $400 million ‘Daytona Rising’ updates. A sample:

At a press conference two days before the race, Brandon McNulty, CTO of International Speedway Corp., which owns 13 NASCAR tracks laid out the nuts and bolts of Daytona’s new infrastructure: 4,268 miles of fiber-optic cabling and 150 miles of speaker cable; more than 9,200 network data points; 1 PB of storage, enough to accommodate 1,200 hours of HD video; 700 HD video displays throughout the interior of the grandstand; and more than 3,000 speakers for both distributed and PA sound systems.

“We’re bringing to Daytona the foundational technology to create the first motorsports stadium,” McNulty said. “With these technology platforms, we can create the kind of experience that motorsports fans have never had at a motor speedway before.”

If that’s the standard for the future, it certainly sets an expensive hurdle for tracks to clear going forward.