The Hendersonville Times-News has an article about the prosecution of perpetrators of domestic violence. A new program in Henderson Conty, modeled after one in High Point, went into effect recently; but it doesn’t seem to be as harsh. Henderson’s is marked by plea bargains, with sentences ranging from less than two years of probation to 29-150 days in jail. DA Greg Newman argues the problem isn’t as simple as it looks. Many victims are tied to an inextricable mass of abuse and financial support. Others live in fear or a cocktail of love hormones.

Simplistically thinking, I would advise any woman in an abusive relationship to leave. There are more sources of money than one. If they must cling to true love, they should protect themselves until the abuser can get his sickness under control. If they are afraid of retribution, they should seek asylum and fear what not getting a potential repeat offender locked up can do. If the sentences are so light those in fear of retribution are likely to be the next victims, then the system is not giving the poor ladies the support they need to do the right thing.