Dear Legislator,

Don?t be a but??

Over the years there have been countless arguments to justify giving hard working North Carolinians? money to big companies. Those arguments usually begin with ?Now I don?t like these incentives, but?.? The buts are followed with excuses; but it creates jobs, but the government must promote economic development, but the company will close, and my favorite, but this one?s in my district.

The most effective incentive for any business is a low tax rate, reliable roads, safe bridges, good schools, and safe communities. When taxpayer money is given to targeted companies, there is less to be spent on creating a better North Carolina that all citizens can enjoy and one that will make others come as well. It?s time to quit making excuses.

  • I don?t like incentives but this will go to my district. Bad policy is bad policy. If everyone agreed today to stop funding the incentive programs no matter where they are and put the money into lowering the tax burden, infrastructure, schools and roads, all the districts would benefit, North Carolina would be a better place and companies would be clamoring to get here.
  • I wouldn?t vote for this normally, but it won?t cost the taxpayers any more money since it will come out of JDIG funds. True. But there is a limited amount of money in the JDIG fund. Any money taken out for jobs that are already here is less money available to create new jobs. A better use of the $40 million is to take it out of the JDIG funds altogether and commit it to roads, schools, and lowering the tax rate.
  • Now that I know the details I?m opposed to this bill but I voted for it the first time. This bill was pushed through the General Assembly in much the same way the budget has been pushed through. The final version of the bill was presented and the vote taken at 5:40 pm on the last day of session, just a few hours before adjournment. No reasonable person could have dissected the details of this legislation in the time legislators were provided. Now that the real story is known, upholding the veto is the right thing to do.

As the legislature is called back for a special session on Monday to decide whether to uphold the governor?s veto and give Goodyear Tire and Rubber $57 million in incentives, a program that no other company in the state can get, I hope the legislators will avoid their old excuses, stand up and do the right thing. Let the veto stand and please, please, please?no buts this time.