The major-party candidates in the North Carolina governor’s race held their first face-to-face debate this week on the same night that President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney squared off for the first time. In between the two debates, John Locke Foundation Vice President for Outreach Becki Gray offered analysis on a statewide radio network featuring WPTF, WWNC, WNCU/WTIB, and the N.C. News Network.

Earlier in the week, Vice President for Communications Jon Ham discussed media bias and the election during an hourlong appearance with Chad Adams on the WLTT Radio morning program. Director of Communications Mitch Kokai previewed the gubernatorial debate for Demetri Ravanos on WPTF, then rejoined Ravanos the following morning to recap the event. The Daily Tar Heel interviewed Kokai for an article on presidential campaign spending.

Speaking of election news, N.C. Senate Republicans promoted in their daily press emails Carolina Journal Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s article on the N.C. Supreme Court election, contributor Matthew Milliken‘s report on the race in N.C. Senate District 50, and JLF President John Hood‘s column on election streaks. The Senate GOP also highlighted Hood’s column on state legislation that limited competition for training bail bondsmen.