Students recommended the professor to other students because he “cancelled class so much that we didn’t have a second test (he counted our best score twice) and he gave away stuff that went along with the lectures – food, clove cigarettes, alcohol, etc. There was no book and the test questions came straight from the lecture.”

Plus, you’ve got to love a “botany” class called “Plants in Folklore, Myth and Religion.”

Other student recommendations include:

? “I thought the material was interesting and easy. Interestingly enough this course had very little to do with Botany.”

? “He frequently cancelled class. Between snow days and him cancelling we probably missed 5 or 6 days and that’s a lot for a T/H class.”

? “Unbelievably easy class. No excuse whatsoever to get less than an A. Lots of times he would cancel class, or let out early, or go hold class outside.”

? “Hilarious ? I went to talk to him about my test and he ended up telling me a story about how his fraternity got in trouble…’A friend of mine and his lady decided they were going to get it on right there in front of everyone, so we were all standing around, yelling, pouring beer on them…'”