The following are three things that really annoy me about the local scene:

  1. Urban-Planned Roads: This morning, I survived South Asheville. I had a meeting near the new Publix, where the old parking lot is being torn up to make room for a maze. It seems it is better for the environment to make people drive three times as much before parking off-site and walking to the store, than to make driving as efficient as possible. I had already driven around a fast food joint almost three times. The first time was my fault because I missed the driveway and had to drive around the fast food joint next door before I could get out of the parking lot. Then, there was no left turn, so rather than doing a few more circles, I turned right and went halfway up a side street to do a U-turn.
  2. Mental Health “Deform:” I think we make it too easy for people to be crazy. When stalkers continually attempt to entrap with high levels of stratagem and manipulation, I doubt they are as schizophrenic as they play for their caseworkers. What’s more, after being without a car for about a month, I felt very badly for people I saw walking in the cold on my way home one night. I stopped to offer one a ride. She was wrapped in a baby blanket, texting her bail bondsman like crazy, and in need of a ride to the courthouse about ten miles away. After dropping her off, there was another person out in the freeze. I asked if he needed help. He wore one shoe and kept on with his chant of primal grunts. There was no reaching him, so I went on. I saw a third person before I got home, by which time I was too chicken to extend an offer of help. Nobody wants anybody to be freezing or hungry; especially in such numbers. I don’t know the answer. Each person is different. I fantasize about a government that views each citizen as a cosmic mystery always possessing in embryo a positive contribution for society only he can innovate – rather than a little booboo to be diagnosed so as to attract state and federal funding. And multipliers. This ain-go happen, ‘cuz if it did, life’s plot would be so over.
  3. Big Government Advocates: There is no shortage of wants, as evidenced at the last meeting of the Buncombe County Commissioners. Commissioner Mike Fryar likes to ask County Manager Wanda Greene how much approving big-ticket items is going to impact the tax rate, all other factors being equal. Oh, a cent and a half here, or two cents there. No big. I fantasized last night about a new documentary to be called “Tax Me,” or perhaps “Supertax Me.” Every time somebody expresses a wish at a local meeting, I could voluntarily levy on myself my fair share of estimated taxes – and dedicate it to the government, of course. We could film me as I say yes every time and watch how much weight I lose and how I botch up all my vitals and immunology as I go. It ain-go happen, though. I can’t go more than 24 hours without a Reece’s. They’ve got everything on my food pyramid except the eye at the top. (See #2 above.)