Today the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Opportunity Scholarship Program. The North Carolina Association of Educators, and the NC Association of School Boards celebrated a little too early, and could have saved money IF ONLY they had heeded information found in the John Locke Foundation’s report back in 2006:

School Choice and the North Carolina Constitution

Back in 2006, school choice in our state was a “dream,” but everyone knew the constitutionality of allowing state money to follow a child to a private school had to be answered. This report sighted fact after fact, point after point, proving the answer of this question was YES! Allowing for financial vouchers/scholarships were well within the NC Constitution.

While reports of teachers spending personal money for their classroom supplies, and districts screaming for the need of “more money,” local school boards, and teachers who are members of NCAE gave thousands of dollars to the attorneys fighting this case. WHAT A WASTE!